We The Plaintiff’s of the United States of America
The MERS Member ENTERPRISE Racketeering System


I Faith Lynn Brashear, am posting this online for the world to see what a corrupt judge looks like. The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552. As Amended By Public Law No. 110-175, 121 Stat. 2524 § 552 give me this right.

I have grounds and standing, as my 5th and 14th constitutional rights have been clearly violated. I am on the same Board of Realtors as this judges wife. I am working with a network of legal advocates across this nation, and a local university professor of law, so I am 100% certain I am correct in this matter. There was only one COA upon new defendants and a TRO in place to address Matters of Laws which were violated. To rule in contrast to matters of law, for the purpose of dissolving a TRO when your wife's Real Estate Company you REPORT receiving income from on California Form 700 gets nealy 100% of the REO listings from past court cases where they foreclosed upon party bought a law suit to the SAME courts.

Yea, I think this constitutes conflict on a criminal scale, where I am absolutely entitled to bring forth Color of Law Cannon 3 lock and load violations. I have ALL the proper government disclosures on my site. We are adding my case on several protest being form in the background ready to hit.

I Demand a Writ of Mandate in support of my current supreme court case, which documents the banks civil racketeering scheme with the same predatory loan admitted to the CA AG in violation of state and federal laws, where I have the structured money laundering chart and the prospectus showing certificates offered in exchange for pass through monies attached to the Rigged LIBOR index within REMIC trusts specifically named in lawsuits for committing SEC fraud. Transferred to a new service while under a GINNIE MAE ban not to transfer faulty document loans , where as a past employee of BofA Countrywide and Wells Fargo, who was granted privilege to solicit same loan on behalf of CW (The originator of the pass-through REMIC and NOT the lender) I can absolutely tell you proper documentation does not exist on this loan.

My supreme court case Brashear vs Bank of America - is in support of making Glaski the go to law.... It would allow the “PEOPLE” to challenge these illegal REMICs and the Criminal MERS Member Lenders/ affiliates, doing their dam-nest to steal our properties when it is a legal impossibility ….

I have the documentation that shows questionable investment's of past judges , the judges who ruled on the past REO foreclosure cases, and I can certainly say there is enough cross over here to show I was deprived due process of law.

Livid is an understatement. This is not about getting a free home. THIS IS PUBLIC SAFETY, THIS IS THE RIGHT TO HOME OWNERSHIP!

Article I, Section 10, gives us the unlimited right to contract, as long as we do not infringe on the life, liberty or property of someone else, which is what has clearly taken place in recent historical events known as the Mortgage Crisis as a result of the repeal of specific portions of the Glass–Steagall Act by the 1999 Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act that enabled the bypassing of the secondary security marked by using promissory notes as un-backed bearer notes.

These historical events succeeded in turning any contractual duty owned unenforceable, null and void under UCC § 3-305(b)(1)(ii)(iii). Illegality based in fraud that induced the obligor to sign the instrument with neither knowledge nor reasonable opportunity to learn of its character or its essential terms. THE ONLY thing backing over 500 REMIC passthrough trust was the promise to pay the "Lender" on the promissory note whom acted Ultra Vires and used pass through funds without actually lending their own funds.

Attempting to further enact a UCL Foreclosure Act to make this CIVIL RICO scam into a law in and attempt to justify these activities is not preservation of our nations rights and property.

I've gathered your "probable cause" facts NOW DO YOUR JOB! and prevent these crimes from ensuing.